Mark Brister Ministries saves and improves lives in India. We support fresh water distribution and drill water wells. Villagers need fresh water to protect them from disease and dehydration. We support orphans. We help impoverished women, including indentured slaves, begin micro businesses via sewing schools and by providing foot pedal sewing machines.

Map of India

Digging a well by hand

Drilling a Well by Hand

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People of rural India

Millions of people live in thousands of villages in rural India in astonishing poverty. Those who can work earn only a few dollars weekly. Most have no adequate medical care. Many of them cannot read. Often, they lack sanitation. After weaning, many children die drinking contaminated surface water for the first time. Others contract associated waterborne diseases. All need fresh water! Many children become orphans with no one to care for them. Destitute women can become indentured slaves to landowners, never able to work their way out of poverty without a business skill and tools like sewing.